Dongrui Fan Biography

Dongrui Fan is a Professor of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( His research domain includes high performance computer architecture and high throughput computer architecture with a special focus on dataflow processor design. Fan is the founder and director of the High Throughput Computer Research Center ( in ICT, CAS. Fan and his team have applied their research results to real world applications, including SPU processor, which is a typical 64-core high performance dataflow processor, and DPU processor, which archives an order of magnitude higher performance and power ratio than general HPC processors under high throughput applications. In earlier research results, Fan led and designed Godson-T, which is the first large-scale many-core processor (64 cores) in China and selected as the World’s TOP 10 Processor Events by the famous international magazine MICROPROCESSOR. Fan has published more than 100 high-level papers and applied more than 50 patents. Fan is a senior member of CCF, and serves as an editor of SUSCOM Journal, General Chair of ICPP, as well as MICRO, HPCA, HiPEAC, ASP-DAC, PDCAT, IGSC, and so on.