Cultivate Professional Researchers & Engineers for the next generation Computing.

Seeks to define the architectures that will shape the future of computing.

Inspiring the next generation supercomputers.

High Performance

Using multicore processors, GPU, Xeon Phi, other accelerators and any things that can be used to make programs/applications run faster!

High Scalability

Big data, Big machine.
Heterogeneous System with many different architecture Hardwares.

High Efficiency

Low energy consumption.
Using FPGA and different architecture to improve the Performance/Power rate.

Domain-specific accelerator customization: FPGA, GPU & Heterogeneous Multicore Processor

Designing Large Data Processing System Software: Data Flow Programming Framework, Heterogeneous Accelerators System Runtime

Analyzing and Optimizing Large Data Processing Softwares: Video Data & Audio Data

Large Data Parallel Storage and Processing System Solutions